Here are details of many of the wonderful belly dancers performing in London (more dancers added regularly) ...




 When contacting a dancer, please let her know you found her on London Belly Dance - thank you!  ... or let us help you find the perfect belly dancer for your special event by contacting us ... always happy to help! 



AKAYSHA - "Akaysha is known for her mind blowingly powerful shimmies, flowing movements, energetic persona & her individual style.  In a mixture of movements inspired by legends of the past, Akaysha performs original choreography & improvisation to recorded or live modern & traditional middle eastern music."    




AMBER - "Experimental middle eastern dance artist, traditional Arabic to Romany cabaret to interactive technology 



ANNE WHITE - delicious & entrancing, fun & authentic performer ... see Anne's comprehensive PLANET EGYPT website for more details  



ASAKI - "Asaki is a professional performer & instructor known for her elegant & feminine style.  Asaki has trained in Tokyo, Dublin, San Francisco & the UK.  Her favourite style is oriental cabaret, together with baladi & Persian (Iranian) dance."




ASMAHAN - "a professional authentic Oriental dancer whose stage career has spanned 20 years.  She has danced in the most prestigious night clubs & 5 star hotels in the middle eastern show business world." Asmahan's experience & credits are simply too numerous to mention - see her extensive website for full details.    



ATIYA -"Atyiya performs with musicians every week at Turkish & Greek restaurants in London & the south east.  She is available for weddings, theme nights, corporate events, galas & other events.  Performances are varied & may include veil, double veil, finger cymbals, sword balancing & fire eating.  Atiya's shows are suitable for the whole family & audience participation is encouraged."  

- "Full of Eastern promise, Caasi is an exciting belly dancer who has captivated audiences worldwide with her sensuous and dynamic style."  

CASSIA - "I am a professional belly dancer with 10 years' belly dance experience, & a ballet, jazz & latin dance background.  I have performed at corporate events, weddings, hotels, restaurants, clubs & festivals & on TV.  I perform sword ballancing, shamadan, cymbals, wings, double veils, vases & other props" - new website coming soon ...  



CAITLYN - "Belly dance shows in Oxford, London, anywhere in the UK, Arabic and Turkish dance shows & lessons."




CYNTHIA - "Fusing a solid understanding of traditional & modern Egyptian dance with other influences, Cynthia has created her own style of belly dance, one that has her very much in demand as a performer throughout the UK at various public & private events.  Captivating audiences with her powerful presence, inner fire & fine skill, Cynthia portrays belly dance as a true art form."



ESHTA - "Introducing entrancing Eshta, belly dancer in south west London.  Eshta is available for bookings for parties, social events, restaurants & a whole range of venues & occasions.  Props such as stick, sword & veil can be incorporated.  The length & format of show can be varied according to venue & type of event."  Co-organiser of the Saqarah monthly hafla.


EVA GREEN - "A naturally talented dancer, Eva brings a passionate & impeccable interpretation of Middle Eastern music to her bellydance performing & teaching.  Well established in south west London & Surrey, she teaches all levels from beginners to budding professionals, both nationally & internationally, at workshops & festivals.  She is available for bookings as a solo artist, as a duo with the Duende Oriental or with her troupe the Bellybabes. Arabic theme parties can be arranged.


FARAH NASRINE - "A professional belly dancer, instructor & choreographer.  Her dancing talents include a variety of modern & traditional belly dance styles - cabaret, baladi, saiidi - & north African folklore.  She performs regularly in the UK & France, & has been highly congratulated for her professionalism, energy & the enjoyable atmosphere she creates." - photo coming soon ... 


FLEUR ESTELLE - "Fleur was recently featured on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two, has appeared in music videos, performed alongside Akon on ITV and in the BBC1 drama series Hustle. She has performed at many top venues in the UK and abroad. Fleur can provide tailor made performances for any event." 


FRANCESCA - "Francesca offers a harmonious blend of authentic middle eastern choreography with contemporary overtones.  A sensual & elegant performer who radiates both tranquillity & excitement, she is a pure & perfect introduction to the rare, precious treasure that belly dancing truely is.  Francesca is already well established in london but available for performances at events, shows & productions."


GALIT MERSAND - (right) - "As a performer, Galit's stage presence is mesmerising, & her training in ballet, contemporary dance and street jazz is apparent. Galit's flare for drama adds a narrative to her dance style which is unique. Her constant desire to enrich & challenge her own dance skills results in an original and versatile style.  Galit is available for performances at events, shows & productions"






HANNAH MI (left) - "Hannah specialises in tribal, Turkish Romani, cabaret, whirling and the sacred. She is available to perform at festivals, weddings, events and special occasions."  Hannah is an experienced & high profile professional dancer.  





HAZEL KING - "Hazel King (Hadiza) has danced for 16 years, specialising in hen parties, corporate events & ladies' birthday parties.  She teaches the guests, so that Egyptian dance can be for all!  Hazel can be booked with her live drummer & duet partner.  An Equity member, she has performed for the BBC, Cafe Royal, British Museum & Morgan Stanley Bank."



HELEN (right) - "Helen spent 7 years as a competition ballroom & Latin dancer (studying under Ian Waite of BBC TV's Strictly Come Dancing).  She now performs as a solo belly dance artist & appears regularly in shows, concerts, restaurants, weddings, professional showcases & other events.  Helen is noted for her clean, elegant style & an all-embracing attention to musical interpretation.  Helen has featured as a soloist & troupe performer with Egyptian  percussion maestro Hossam Ramzy"



JACQUELINE CHAPMAN (left) - "Britain's best known belly dancer" 




JAMEELA - "Jameela is a beautiful professional top london belly dancer working all over the UK.  She has performed at many prestigious events & on national TV.  If you wish, Jameela can be accompanied by her Arabic band Mahrajene.  Performance can include veil, Isis wings, cymbals, stick & sword.  Jameela also teaches & runs belly dance holidays"



JOSEPHINE WISE (right) - "is acknowledged as a leading exponent of Arabic Dance and her dancing style is known for its authenticity and expressiveness" 




KATHRYN - "regularly performs at conferences, shows, hen nights, weddings & charity events.  She is a member of the El Amiraat trio of belly dancers.  Her specialities are modern Egyuptian & baladi, saidi, fusion & veil dancing"



KATIE HOLLAND  - "Katie has been involved with Egyptian dance for 13 years. Combining tradition with her unique interpretation of an ancient culture, Katie enthuses & inspires magical energy. She specialises in Isis wings, sword, stick, fusion (a mix of African, Bollywood, Samba, Flamenco & Salsa), tantric sacred Nepalese dance & the martial art of Tai Chi.  Katie lives & works (performing & teaching) mainly in India & Nepal, visiting the UK regularly to organise her popular Bodies & Beats World Music & Dance festival, & appears at select special events (eg the MAJMA dance festival, & with Hossam & Serena Ramzy). She performs regularly with Graeme of UB40 & FUTJI (Afro/German band), at socialite weddings, river cruises & corporate events, & as a film extra."



KHALISHA (right) - "Khalisha is a graceful & expressive dancer with a predominantly Egyptian oriental style. She lives to dance & dances to live.  Khalisha is a trained cabaret dancer & has performed in Paris, Luxembourg, Portugal & Belgium. She currently dances in middle eastern & Indian restaurants in London & Kent, & is available for weddings, corporate parties or other special occasions."



KIMBERLY MACKOY (left) - "Kimberly Mackoy studied tribal fusion dance under Rachel Brice, Frederique David, Jill Parker & other jaw-dropping innovators in bellydance in San Francisco. Her style blends buttery continuous movement with energetic hip work, utilizing modern & ancient elements to transcend the usual boundaries around regions & moments in time." 



LYDIA (right) - "Lydia is a belly dancer specialising in Greek tsifteteli music.  She is available for bookings for parties & events.  Her costumes & the songs she dances to can be suited to your occasion"



MAYLYNN - "A dynamic & engaging performer, Maylynn provides quality bellydance performance & instruction with strong foundations in the rich history & traditions of Middle Eastern dance, & explorations of urban & world styles."  A sensuous & captivating performer at the recent Shimmy Shake Show!







MELISA (pictured right at Planet Egypt) - stunning Turkish belly dancer 



MELISSA ABRAHAM  (right) - "Melissa has lived in Cairo & the Nile delta.  Her perceptive interpretaton of Arabic music is reflected in the panache of her choreography.  She is known for her graceful (often slightly cheeky!) style, & her elegant, pretty cabaret dancing & folkloric styles."  Contact Melissa by phone (up to midnight) on 020 8 657 4229 or by email



MELISSA PINA - "Melissa has a unique style with a reputation for  mesmerising all who see her. She is well known for her charisma, energy & passion. Melissa has performed for artists such as Alabina Ishtar, Des-c & Punjabi MC, for the Asian Music Awards & Nike, & has appeared on BBC2's Strictly Come Dancing It Takes 2 & BBC3's Don't Tell the Bride. Her technique & movement is unmatched, & the belly dance & belly dance fusions she performs are extraordinary. Melissa is the artistic director of the BabyBliss Girls fusion dance company." 




MIA SERRA - "Mia is the director of the Mia Serra School of Belly Dance in central London & professional dance company the BellyBliss Allstars. In her nine years belly dancing at professional level, Mia has been invited to perform around the globe, from the dunes of the Sahara to the Royal Festival Hall. She has performed on TV, released her own DVDs & toured with many bands, including Oojami, & has performed for many top organisations including MTV, Goldman Sachs, Sandhurst Mlitary Academy & the Wimbledon Championships."


MICHAELLA - "One of London's leading belly dance artists and teachers. She is an entrancing performer of classical Egyptian dance", "Michaella is a beautiful and graceful London-based belly dancer and teacher, specialising in Egyptian and fusion dance forms. Her thrilling performances confirm her reputation as a leading belly dance artist.



MURJANA - "Born & raised in the Middle East, Murjana learned Raqs Sharqi in a village in Syria as a young woman before developing her technique in Lebanon. She remains true to the rural sources of her learning while marrying contemporary developments, fusion and experimentation. Her style is contemporary & eclectic, borrowing from Lebanese, Egyptian & Turkish traditions. Whether you are looking for an authentic rendition of this ancient dance form, or a contemporary re-interpretation, Murjana has a range of styles to offer."